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To increase Production and Productivity of farming enterprises for food security and household incomes.


(1) Agriculture Subsector

(2) Veterinary Subsector

(3) Entomology Subsector

(4) Fisheries Subsector

(5) Trade and Industry Subsector

(6) NAADS Subsector


Agriculture is the main economic activity in Bushenyi District. There are mainly small- scale producers engaged in a wide range of crops and other commodities.

Goal: Increased household incomes and food security to enhance socio- economic development.

Production system of Bushenyi (greater)

Traditional cash crops;

  1. Coffee- grown throughout the whole district
  2. Tea      - Kyamuhunga, Burere, Bitereko, Kanyabwanga
  3. Cotton - Katerera, Kichwamba.

Traditional food crops- Bananas- grown throughout the district

-  Cereals- Finger millet, Maize, Sorghum

-  Pulses- Beans, Field peas, Ground nuts, Soya beans, Cow peas.

-  Root crops- Sweet potatoes, Cassava, pumpkins, Yams, Potatoes.

Fruits and Vegetables include: Pineapples, Avocadoes, Mangoes, Pawpaws, Tomatoes, Onions.

Recent enterprises - Rice- grown in Kiyanga and Kanyabwanga in Ruhinda

- Water melons- grown in Bunyaruguru

- Mulbery         - grown in Sheema and Igara

- Apples            - grown in Buhweju

- Passion fruits - grown in Buhweju

Production data of major crops grown:


Annual average acreage   (estimate in Ha)

Average Yield (MT/ Ha)




Robusta Coffee


1.0 (Clean)

Arabica Coffee


0.7 ( clean)



8.0 ( Green leaf)




Sweet potatoes









Finger millet






Field peas



Ground nuts









Passion- fruits






Vegetables (local)












Egg- plants



 Source:  Bushenyi district agriculture sub sector annual report 2008/2009

Major crop pests and Diseases





Banana weevils, Nematodes,

Banana Bacterial Wilt, Black Sigatoka, Matooke wilt, Fusarium wilt, Cigar-end-rot, Banana streak virus,


Mealy bugs, Scales, Tailed caterpillars, Stem borers, Berry borers, Twig borers, Leaf miners, Skeletonizers

Coffee Wilt disease, Coffee leaf rust,



Bean Root Rot, Bean anthracnose


Maize stalk borers

Maize Streak Virus

Sweet potatoes


Sweet potato virus


Cassava mites

African Cassava Mosaic

Passion fruits

Scales, Psyllids

Woodiness virus, Brown spot, Collar- end- rot



Pineapple virus

Source: Bushenyi district agriculture sub sector annual report 2008/2009

Potential Enterprises

  • Temperate Fruits- Apples, peaches and pears can grow well in cool climate of Buhweju.
  • Wheat- can do well in Buhweju
  • Mulbery-  farmers can benefit from the nearby silk factory  in Rubare and Kawanda  near Kampala
  • Water harvesting for dry season cropping


    1. Availability of suitable agro-ecological conditions for crops.
    2. Some receptive farmers to take up improved farming practices
    3. Government and Donor funding especially NAADS and PMA
    4. Presidential Initiative on Banana Industrial development processing plant.


This is a sub sector of Production Sector whose activities aim at increasing food security and house hold incomes by controlling major epidemic diseases and training farmers in modern livestock husbandry practices.

The District is engaged in Dairy, Poultry, Goat and Piggery enterprises as below:-

1)  Livestock populations for Greater Bushenyi, according to  census of 2009.

1)  Cattle:  Beef Exotic                      910

Dairy (Exotic and crosses)          =      96,450

Indigenous                              =     129,820

Total                                                     207,180

2)   Goats:              376,561

3)   Pigs:                   57,470

4)   Sheep                 79,760

5)   Chicken:    Exotic layer:       32,440

Local:                331,850

Total                  364,290


Milk:  32,140,524 Lts/year,  - village price 300/=

Eggs:  12,403,820 Eggs/year (434,460 trays).

111)   Trade:

1)  The District exports Dairy Cattle to other Districts within Uganda and without

to Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo.

Average price of Dairy cattle is 800,000/=

2)  Egg Export

Mainly there is egg export to DR Congo.

The volume of trade in above cases is not well documented as there is a lot      of smuggling and illegal movements of Livestock and their products going on.

1V. Disease Control:

The following Diseases have been controlled for the last 2 years.


Number of Animals and birds vaccinated

1.  Lumpy skin Disease

10,000  Heads of cattle

2.  New castle Disease

100,000  Birds

3.  Rabies

5,000  Dogs


1.0 Introduction

1.1  Subsector mandate : Contol of veterinary vectors and promotion of  of activities related to harnessing  commercial insects  such as honey bees and silk worms.

1.2 Mission : Increased household incomes and sustainable exploitation of commercial insects to enhance socio-economic development of the people of Bushenyi.

1.3 Major ativities carried out in the subsector : These include:

a, Vector control- the vectors include : Tsetse flies, Nuisance flies, and Ticks

b, Commercial insects promotion: These include mainly  honey bees and silkworms. Other useful insects  such as butter flies various non social bees are also advocated for to be  conserved.

2.0   Main factors favoring  Beekeeping

2.1  Beekeeping

  1. Availability of adequate foliage that provide  nector especially the presence of Eucalyptus plantations and  natural trees and vegetation.
  2. Many hives were supplied to farmers under NAADs and  AAMP programs.  Many beekeepers make their own hives  . Local  and box hives dominate in the apiaries of most beekeepers.
  3. Availability of water . The terrain of Bushenyi district  is composed of undulating hills and valleys. In  most valleys there exists  permanent wetlands which are a good source of water for bees mainly during the dry seasons . Bees  rarely abscond due to lack of water. Bees need the water to drink and cool the temperatures in the hives during dry seasons.
  4. Availability of extension services- Bushenyi district recruited two entomologists in 1995. In the latter year honey  production in Bushenyi greater was estimated at 15 tones.   With the  intervention of the two entomologists honey production was estimated to be  above 70 tonnes in 2009. Variuus  training seminars have been conducted   and  demonstrations have been set up to assist beekeers learn variuos apiary management practices.
  5. Interest by farmers  - farmers who seriously undertake beekeeping like their enterprises. Some farmers plan and do beekeeping at a commercial level and currently there are beekepers who produce a ton of honey in a single season.
  6. Availability of market outlets. The beekeepers formed  various beekeeping marketing centres where they sell their honey and other bee products.  There exists  Connoisseur Honeys, Kyamuhunga Farmers and Beekeepers Cooperative society, and many traders who are involved in honey business in the district. Bushenyi honey is so delicious to the extent that some traders  from other regions purchase honey from this district to blend their honies which don’t taste better than Bushenyi honey.

2.2 Silk worm farming

Silk farming is beginning to take root inthe district. The daata below  is an indication that alot of effort is  is needed  to bring many farmers  on board in order to create a steady  supply and thus a reliable market.

Table 1  Silk farming statistics in Bushenyi greater



Estimated number of silk farmers


Number of active farmers


Silk factories in the district




Silk development centres


Production in 2004

16 tonnes

Source: Entomology office  B.L.G 2010

3.0  Organisations  / Projects that promote entomological activities in  Bushenyi  district

1. National Agriculture Advisory Services ( NAADs)

2.  Area based  Agricultural  Modernisation (AAMP) project

3.  Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation  (FIEFOC) project

4 Anole Private sector Ltd

5. Bushenyi District Local Government

6 . Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and Fisheries ( MAAIF)

An apiary in Kyenjojo District toured by the beekeepers from Bushenyi Greater   (funded by FIEFOC ( Sept. 2010)


Potential for fish farming in Bushenyi

  •  Fish farming is basically in the following  sub- counties:





Ishaka division

Central Division

Nyakabirizi Division


 Main Species of fish in Bushenyi District.

Cat fish (Clarius galpinus)

Oreochromis niloticus (Tilapia)

  • Average size of fish ponds between 500m2 -1000m2
  • Number of ponds in the district -130
  • Number of fish farmers in the district – 50
  • Some farmers are   practicing commercial fish farming
  • Most of farmers are small scale fish farmers



Executive Summary

Bushenyi District is in its 9th year of NAADS implementation having joined in FY 2002/2003. The programme is being implemented in 9 sub counties of Kyamuhunga, Kyeizooba, Bumbaire, Nyabubare, Kakanju, Kyabugimbi, Ibaare, Bitooma and 3 divisions; Ishaka, Central, Nyakabirizi. A total of 852 farmer groups and about 56% households’ coverage is being supported under NAADS.

NAADS implementation follows the principle of decentralisation with farmers managing the programme through their institutions. The farmer institutions are composed of the following:  the farmer fora, Parish Coordination Committees and Community based facilitators.

While Farmer Institutional Development is guided by Community Development Officers, Provision of Agricultural Advisory Services is undertaken by Government /public extension workers.

Banana, Goat, Beekeeping, Coffee, Piggery, Dairy cattle, Poultry, fish, and Tea are the enterprises being promoted in the 11 NAADS sub counties.

District Subject Matter specialists (District based Veterinary Officer, Agricultural Officer, Fisheries Officer,  District Entomologist) headed by Production Coordinator help in quality assurance of the services provided under NAADS.


 NAADS mandate

  • Advisory
  • Value addition (Basically Primary Processing)
  • NAADS is  a major contributor to Prosperity For All (PFA) and this aims  at transforming  the subsistence farmer to a commercial farmer
  • NAADS targets farmer groups as major clientele
  • Enterprise selection must be properly guided so that farmer groups select potentially profitable enterprises
  • NAADS demonstrates farming as business
  • Enterprises  are selected based on their  potential to give income  to the farmers
  • The constraints that have failed farmers to make profit are identified are addressed.


What is NAADS? •          

The National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) is a Government organization set up by the Act of Parliament, NAADS Act 2001.

•    NAADS is one of the seven pillars of Plan for Modernization of Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries.  It is one of the government interventions under Prosperity For All (PFA).

What is ATAAS? ATAAS is a frame work were NAADS and NARO will be jointly  implemented under 5 components namely;

Component 1: National Agricultural Research System. This component is aimed at identifying and developing agricultural technologies and to strengthen the institutional capacity of the national agricultural research system. This component will be implemented by NARO. (NARO cannot be a components of NAADS) this is under ATAAS.

Component 2: The objective of this Component is to facilitate NARO-NAADS linkages, collaboration, and M&E evaluation. To be implemented by both NARO and NAADS.

Component 3: Agricultural Advisory Services. The objective is to support the delivery of demand-driven advisory services to farmer groups and technology promotion through matching grants. To be implemented by NAADS.

Component 4: Agribusiness Services and Market Linkages. This Component will support collaboration between agribusiness, farmers, advisers and researchers to create viable, sustainable market and agribusiness linkages.

Component 5: Program Management. This will support the administrative, financial and coordination activities of NARO and NAADS Secretariats

When did NAADS Phase II start and where is the focus?

NAADS Phase II started in June 2010; programme which will be implemented under the Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness Advisory Services (ATAAS) framework is scheduled to run for 5 years. In this phase, efforts will be placed on consolidating increases in productivity, and emphasis on; The provision of market oriented advisory services and value chain development

o    Creating a foundation for commercialization through increasing farm household food security

o    Enhancing commercialization through; supporting various farmer categories at sub-county level and through nucleus and out-grower schemes

o    Increasing farm incomes through: increased productivity, and integration of production, agro-processing and marketing;

How will NAADS address Household Food Security and Mass poverty in Phase?

•  NAADS will address household food security and Mass poverty by increasing farmers’ participation through the Village level approach for farmer mobilization, organization and as beneficiaries. This approach will focus on;

o    The Village Farmer Forum (VFF) as the Developmental Cell, which will be constituted from all households, along farmer group in the village.

o    Provision of improved planting and stocking materials to as many households as possible for both multiplication and consumption.

• Provision of technical advice to all participating farmers

What is the Village Farmer Forum (VFF)?

• All households within a village, in their groups, will constitute a Village Farmer Forum (VFF) as the Developmental Cell.

•    The VFF will be the focal point for continuous farmer entry into NAADS through farmer mobilization, farmer institutional development, provision of advisory services and provision of appropriate planting and stocking materials for basic household food security.

•    The VFF will, among others, be responsible for the selection of farmers who will receive food security input and who will also act as multiplication centres for provided materials.

What are the Constituents of VFFE?

1.   Chairperson crosscheck with guideline

2.   Secretary

3.   Treasurer

4.   Four (4) committee members to include: One person with disability (PWD), One youth

5.   LC I Chairperson (ex officio)

6.   Chairperson ruling party (if the LCI chairperson is not the Chairperson ruling party also ex-officio).At least two (2) of the committee members will be women.

7.   The LCI Executive will be responsible for integration of the work plans of VFF into the LCI development plan and overseeing the activities of the VFFE.

What are the Key activities at the Village level for the selection of food security farmers?

•     Wide publicity and farmer education to mobilize farmers to participate and register under Village Farmer Forum as the Developmental Cell

•    Registration of all VFF members in farmer groups

•    Selection of the food security enterprise(s) – up to a maximum of three (3)

•    Selection of food security host farmers from amongst the VFF members

Criteria of selection of food security farmers

•     18 years and above

•    Must be a practicing subsistence farmer

•    Willingness to host and manage the multiplication site

•    Willingness to provide learning access to every member of the group

•    Integrity (Honesty)

•    Gender representation

What are the key steps for selection beneficiary Food Security Farmers?

•  All households that have been registered in the Village Farmer Forum will be eligible for selection as food security farmers.

The following steps will be followed in selecting the beneficiary farmers:

i.    The Sub-county technical team will provide indicative prices and specifications of the required inputs for each enterprise.

ii.   The VFF will determine the number of beneficiaries from the village based on the available funds as per parish allocation and type of enterprise(s).

iii.  Each VFFE will assemble at a predetermined and publicized location.

iv.  In each village, the VFF will select the food security host farmers and submit the names to the presiding officer

v.   The presiding officer will then submit the names of selected farmers to the Sub-county Coordinating Committee for consolidation in the sub-county register and to display on sub-county notice boards.

Level and nature of Support to Food security farmers

•     The support for food security farmers will, on average be Shs 100,000, but range from 75,000 – 110,000/= per farmer for crop based commodities.

•    The support will mostly be in form of seed (e.g. beans, maize, sorghum, millet, potato vines, cassava cuttings, banana suckers etc) and 2 hoes per household.

•    Each of the selected food security farmers will multiply the planting/stocking materials provided for their own use and  for repayment to their groups to establish  a revolving fund.

•    Food security farmers are expected to pay back 100% in kind.

Repayment modalities

•  Each food security host farmer will be required to pay back to members of their group in kind, 100% of the value of the support received.

•    This will be overseen by the group and the VFFE. The VFFE will also oversee the revolving scheme for the multiplication and distribution of the technology inputs.

Procurement of technology inputs

•     Community procurement will be used to procure the technologies for the farmers. To ensure quality, this process will be guided by a Subject Matter Specialist who will provide the specifications and verify technologies before and after delivery. The steps that will be used are as follows;

o    The farmers who have been selected to benefit will choose three farmers from among themselves to constitute the Village Procurement Committee (VPC).

o    VPC will, using specifications drawn by the Subject Matter Specialists, undertake the procurement of technology inputs for all selected farmers in the Food Security category.

o    Once the VPC has awarded a contract and undertaken the procurement, the supplier will deliver the inputs directly to the beneficiaries.

o    The VPC will thereafter submit the demand documents to the Sub-county for payment.

o    The Sub-county Chief, after receiving the demand documents submitted by the VPC, will make payments directly to the supplier.

How will NAADS address the Agricultural Commercialization objective?

•     NAADS will pursue the commercialization objective by supporting model farmers as they progress from subsistence farming through market orientation to commercialization.

•    Host farmers will act as focal points for farmer learning as well as for technology transfer and multiplication. These are the categories of farmers will be supported for commercialization:

o    Market-oriented model farmer at parish level.

o    Commercializing model farmer at district and/or sub-county level

o    Nucleus farmers at national level

Steps in the selection of the Market-oriented farmers

•     A market-oriented model farmer is an early adopter/innovator who sets the pace for market orientation. These are steps in the selection of market-oriented farmers:

o    Sub-county Farmer Forum (SFF)  prioritizes the commercial enterprise(s) for Sub-county

o    The number of beneficiaries per parish determined by the SFF based on available resources at the sub-county

o    At parish level, after the selection of the food security host farmers, registered farmer groups assemble separately to elect the market-oriented model farmers.

o    These farmers will be only from already existing farmers’ groups (those registered at least one year back).

Criteria for selecting Market-oriented farmer

•    An active and committed member of a registered farmers’ group

•    Has registered remarkable success in at least one enterprise

•    Capacity and willingness to access and share information with other farmers

•    Is a woman, youth or person with disability as special group

•    Has capacity to contribute 50% of total investment

•    Has potential and willingness to repay

•    Willingness to host and demonstrate to other farmers

•    Has an active bank account

•    Keeps farm records

Support to Market-oriented farmer

•    The Parish Coordination Committee (PCC) will select eight (8) farmers to be supported under the market-oriented model farmer category.

•    Each Market-oriented farmer will access an average of Shs 750,000 worth of inputs.

•    The market oriented model farmer (s) shall pay back 70% of the value of the inputs received in cash into the group account with an accredited financial institution.

Governance and Accountability issues under NAADS

•     Measures have been put in place to strengthen and stream line issues of governance and accountability in the NAADS programme i.e.

o    Inter-ministerial Monitoring

o    Board monitoring- for policy

o    Limited and statutory audit (this has been strengthened)

o    The NAADS Task force

o    District performance based contracts (to enhance performance)

o    Political leadership involvement and stakeholders


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Очень, очень жалобный голос, а слова понятны только внимательному и любящему уху, в результате просьба немедленно удовлетворена.

Человек рассказал о ферме, которой однажды сделался владельцем.

Вторым возможным "скачать песни из кинофильма титаник" исходом событий было то, что вышедший из повиновения корабль вместе запертым внутри пассажиром пролетят мимо " " Земли, но сила тяги, теперь уже непрерывно менявшая направление, "Final cut pro 7 скачать" приведет к столкновению космолетов с Луной.

Он " " непрерывно изучал горизонт, а правая рука, казалось, "Ключ driver update бесплатно" искала рукоять меча на поясе.

домой, говорила Винта, уже довольно скоро.

Когда "Kompas 3d v10 скачать crack" мне было лет пятнадцать, подстригая газон, " " я нашел под деревом птенца скворца с переломанными лапками.

Хольдструп "Скачать nocd для stalker shadows of chernobyl" считывал показания видеонавигационной системы и в определенное время, как " " правило каждые три часа на данном этапе, вносил поправки "flo rida right round скачать" в курс корабля.

Ты можешь странствовать через многие времена и свидетельствовать боевые порядки этого музея на любом этапе.

Но теперь она " "станет не женой другого, а его рабыней, он насильно сделает " "ее своей наложницей.

Ему сторицей отплатится и за то, как он обращался "Должностная инструкция руководителя проекта"с бедными метисами, что живут по ту сторону реки.

Была " "искренняя, честная, а стала лгуньей и лицемеркой.

Десять минут спустя старший писарь батальона вместе с ординарцем батальона "Графический редактор на русском скачать бесплатно"Матушичем уже уписывали у себя в вагоне "акулы скачать игру"свиные мозги.

Майор Блюгер тут же приказал отвести всех "установки игры скачать"в сторону, чтобы они после обеда на дворе поупражнялись в вольной гимнастике в наказание за то, что не умеют выразить то, " "что они чувствуют.

Луиза подчиняется правда, очень неохотно и даже не пытаясь скрыть свое недовольство "скачать песни из шаг вперёд"от любопытных зрителей.

Выражения самых достойных чувств рождались так быстро, что он не успевал записывать.

Смитти, теперь вам бы лучше уйти, сказал Римо.

Она выставила вперед свою великолепную " " грудь.

Я не видел, не слышал этого, но нисколько не сомневался, что на нас дождем сыпались проклятья и " " заклинания, что вертелись вокруг призраки и привидения то страшные, то искушающие.

Затянуться, чтобы, где надо, было выпукло, а где надо впукло, последовал вклад Рори, и " " Моника строго взглянула на мужа.

Его интересовали те же вопросы, а еще у него было сообщение.

Это результат охранительных " " заклинаний не случай нашего нападения.

Описав в " " воздухе крутую дугу, они " " на мгновение застыли " " на месте, и, словно запрограммированные, " " начали падать на цель.

В прерии " " достаточно мустангов хватит для всех, чтобы " " поохотиться.

Ты прямо-таки пригвоздил его к позорному " " столбу!

А вот Билл, по " " ее словам, видел привидение.

У " " него были основания подозревать недобрые намерения с их стороны.

Молодая хозяйка дома появлялась то " " здесь, то там " " среди гостей, прекрасная, как богиня, " " с улыбкой королевы на устах.

Автомобиль рванулся " " вперед, набирая скорость с каждым оборотом колес.

Но на протяжении " " многих тысячелетий не " " было искусства, которое преуспело бы так, как Синанджу.

удивленно " " воскликнула Моника, останавливаясь на пороге.

Уильямс, " " донесся сквозь закрытые окна брюзгливый " " голос.

Синанджу был бедный поселок, с непригодной для возделывания " " землей, а воды залива были чересчур холодны, чтобы рассчитывать на богатый улов.

А все остальное " " пустяки царапины.

Нет, ответил Чиун, есть выход "скачать мангу магазинчик ужасов" получше.

А я даже не знал, что "игры путешествия винкс" он есть на свете!

Билл не мог понять, с " " чего взял, будто " " любит Алису Кокер.

Хотя она и была "видео анальный секс крупным планом" очень велика, опасны были только ее зубы, " " так как гремучие змеи, "скачать песню одинока ветка сирени" в отличие от удавов, не обладают большой "скачать сетевая карта" силой.

Смит запнулся, спохватившись вдруг, что " " обращается к одеялу по имени, точно к некоему лицу.

Не забудь щеколду поплотней закрыть, Руки дрожат, испуганный взгляд.

А копия жалкая, дрожащая, несмотря на жару, в пиджачке своем замухрышистом, в галстучке с горохом, в хлипких баретках, стояла на летном поле и плакала.

Они растирали кожу своих клиентов "Талисманы" жесткими щетками, удаляли бородавки и выводили родимые пятна, удлиняли ресницы и выщипывали слишком густые брови.

Твое нападение тщетно не по " " одной причине, по многим.

Ты, один только ты уцелеешь после того, как от старого мира не останется даже тени.

Это были журналисты новой, аналитической, закваски, свободные от всяческих предрассудков и поэтому весьма критически относящиеся к собственной стране.