NAADS is implemented in line with 11 guiding principles; (Commercialization, Farmer Empowerment, Fostering Participation, Increasing Institutional Efficiency (Better linkages (Research–Advisory services–Farmers), Privatization (Contracting out services), Improving Linkages to markets, Poverty Targeting, Gender Mainstreaming, Managing Natural Resource Productivity, HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming, Harmonization with other PMA principles) and 6 components; Farmer Institution Development (FID), Advisory Services & Information to farmers, Agri-Business Development and Market Linkages, Capacity Development for Service Providers, Planning, Monitoring & Quality Assurance, Programme Management & Coordination towards which funds are allocated. NAADS in the mother District of Mpigi was pioneered in 4 S/Counties (Buwama, Kibibi, Mpenja & Muduuma) in 2007/08 FY and rolled out to all S/Counties in FY 2008/2009. Gomba District the original Gomba County of the mother District of Mpigi started operating on 1st July 2010. It is made up of 4 Sub-counties (Mpenja, Kyegonza, Kabulasoke and Maddu), one Town Council (Kanoni) and 37 parishes with 289 Villages. It has got total land area of 1,541.13 square Km and total population of 143,173 of which 72,161 are male and 71,012 female (2002 Population & housing census). The programme is coordinated by SNCs with overall coordination by DNC under Production Dept.